About Gajang

Refugees are often given information that is untranslated or simply confusing. We seek to alleviate this added stress for refugees looking for opportunities in higher education. Gajang provides customized information about universities, vocational programs, and apprenticeships to refugees and guide them through the complicated application process through an interactive multimedia interface.

Gajang contains helpful resources and a customized search engine for tertiary education opportunities in a refugee’s country of resettlement. Our site will match resettled refugees with tertiary education programs based on their needs and qualifications, arming them with the necessary tools to continue their education.  

Gajang is currently in its beta phase, initially focusing only on opportunities for refugees resettling in Germany. 

Gajang’s Team

Gajang was founded by a team of five global leaders from the WISE Learner’s Voice program, funded by the Qatar Foundation. Through intensive learning sessions about global migration and education, the team behind Gajang is committed to addressing the gap refugees face in pursuing tertiary education. We understand that access to higher education for displaced people is a critical issue that requires more attention. 

Abubakr Abdelbagi

Abubakr Abdelbagi holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Electrical and Electronic Engineering, specializing in Software Engineering. He has 4 years of experience in media and film production. Abdelbagi is also a cartoonist and a cultural researcher.

Christina Ong

Christina Ong is a California, USA native and graduate from the University of California, Irvine in Political Science and Civic & Community Engagement. Ong worked and volunteered for 3 years in refugee resettlement programming at The Tiyya Foundation in Orange County, CA, USA. She will be pursuing her Ph.D. in Sociology at the University of Pittsburgh in Pennsylvania, USA.

Ghada Al Haddad

Ghada Al Haddad obtained a BA in English Literature and Translation from the Islamic University in Gaza, Palestine. Currently, Al Haddad is a freelance journalist and project coordinator.

Oriol Pueyo

Oriol Pueyo received his Bachelor’s degree in Business Management & Administration specializing in Marketing, Innovation & Entrepreneurship from Pompeu Fabra University in Barcelona. Over the years, he has acquired experience in social entrepreneurship, founding two start-ups and acting as representative of Catalan University entrepreneurs in Parliament. Oriol currently works as a Global Assistant Brand Manager at Unilever in London.

Shakeeb Asrar

Shakeeb Asrar is a recent graduate from Northwestern University in Qatar, pursuing a Bachelor of Science in Journalism, a minor in Media & Politics, and a certificate in Civic Engagement. Currently, he is working as an Assistant Producer at Al Jazeera English. Asrar’s expertise includes graphic designing, writing and editing, interactive storytelling, and video production.

Gajang's Supporters

Gajang's development is supported by the following organizations:

WISE (World Innovation Summit for Education)




Tanuki Social Benefit & Innovation Consulting

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